Save water and green, too!

Everyone in our community can do their part to help save Thornton’s water supply. To encourage customer participation, we offer a wide variety of rebates, discounts, and free services. We invite you to take advantage of these programs to help conserve our most precious resource and save a little money, too.

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Residential Rebates*

It always pays to save water.

Thornton Water offers many incentives for you to be more efficient in your water use—whether outdoors or inside.

Rebates can be submitted online, emailed, or mailed. To personally drop off a rebate application, please call 720-977-6600 to schedule an appointment.

Water-Wise Landscape Rebate & H2Overhaul Kit

Transform a section of your yard—whether grass or a problem area—into a water-wise garden with low-water plants and receive up to $2 per sq. ft. in return. To see if your project qualifies, please read the information and rules below. Projects that are all rock with no plant material do not qualify for the rebate.

Landscape Rebate Application Form

Landscape Rebate Information and Rules

Artificial Turf Rebate Information and Rules

Free H2Overhaul Kit


Additional Resources to Help Transition Your Yard

Resource Central’s Water-Wise Yards – an inspiration hub

Landscape Designs for 4,000 sq. ft. lot

Landscape Designs for 7,000 sq. ft lot

Landscape Designs for 9,000 sq. ft. lot

Landscape Design for Average Sized Lot

Landscape Design for a Larger Sized Lot

Did you know that HOAs cannot prohibit you from planting drought-tolerant plants?

Irrigation Controller Rebate

Get up to $200 back for installing an EPA WaterSense certified smart weather-based controller.

Complete the Residential Rebates Application

Residential Irrigation Controller Rebate Information and Rules

Rain Sensor Rebate

Get a $25 rebate for a residential rain sensor connected to a sprinkler system.

Complete the Residential Rebates Application

Residential Rain Sensor Rebate Information and Rules

Toilet Rebate

Get a $75 rebate for replacing an older toilet with a new EPA WaterSense toilet. Effective 1/1/2020, dual flush toilets do not qualify.

Complete the Residential Rebates Application

Residential Toilet Rebate Information and Rules

Discounted Garden In A Box

Thornton Water partners with Resource Central to offer discounted Garden In A Box gardens to Thornton water customers. Customers are eligible for a $25 discount on a professionally designed Garden In A Box, while supplies last. Gardens are typically available to purchase, while supplies last, on March 4. You will select a pickup date and location when you purchase your garden.

You can also get some additional help with how to plant your new water-wise garden by learning more about how to H2Overhaul your landscape.

Residential Services

We make saving water easy. Here are some ways we’d love to help you be water-wise.

Sprinkler Consultation

Free sprinkler consultations and a personalized watering schedule are available to Thornton water customers through Resource Central.

Consultations help you:

  1. Save money on your water bill
  2. Improve the appearance of your landscape
  3. Increase your water efficiency
  4. Maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of your sprinkler system
  5. Identify problems in your sprinkler system

To sign up register online or call Resource Central at 303-999-3824.

Conservation Kit

Enjoy a free home water conservation audit kit (while supplies last) from the Water Resources Division. The kit contains toilet dye tablets, a flow measurement bag, a 2.0gpm showerhead, and other water saving tools. Request your kit below:

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Water Bill Assistance

Thornton Cares provides short-term assistance to qualifying Thornton Water customers. For more information about income criteria and to apply, visit the Thornton Cares website or call 720-977-5815.

Lawn Removal Service

Lawn care in Colorado can be wasteful and exhausting. As a Thornton water customer you can sign up with our water efficiency partner, Resource Central to do a discounted lawn removal and jumpstart your water-wise yard project. Their expert team will cut the sod, remove, and then compost the removed material. They will help get you one step closer to planting a water-wise yard! A limited number of lawn removal appointments are available to Thornton water customers at the very low cost of $1 per sq. ft. (200 sq. ft. minimum).

Information and sign up

Program Requirements

And don’t forget, we’ve got your guide to finishing your water-wise landscape. Get Your Kit to help H2Overhaul your yard.

Lawn Removal Program

Replace your lawn for a beautiful, water-wise outdoor space. By replacing your grass for water-wise plants, you’ll use less water outdoors while supporting pollinators (and spending less time maintaining that yard). It’s an easy way to create a stunning environment that benefits both our communities and the environment.

As a Thornton water customer you can sign up with our water efficiency partner, Resource Central  who offers a convenient mix and match solution, simply commit to removing 200 square feet of lawn and complete a quick online application. Applications are due April 1.

The Lawn Replacement Program rate for 2024 is $2.50 per square foot. The city of Thornton will pay the first $1.50 per square foot (up to $750) and the customer will pay the remaining $1.00 per square foot (anything over $750 will be charged at $2.50). Approved participants can receive up to $750 in discounts toward lawn removal and/or a garden in a box kit.

* Rebates may be considered taxable income by the IRS. Consult a tax professional for more information.