What you need to know about water meter replacements.

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Thornton is upgrading 25,000 residential water meters over the next two years, here’s why.

By Jason Montoya, Meter Superintendent

Thornton takes care of our water. This includes taking care of the quality, quantity and delivery. Part of our stewardship means we monitor residential water usage and update the infrastructure when it’s time. And now, it’s time.

What’s different.

As a part of regular maintenance, the city monitors the age of residential water meters. Typically, they last about 17 years before needing replacement. Right now we are replacing more than usual—about 25,000 over the next two years. It’s part of our plan to implement newer efficiency-boosting technologies that will give us better leak detection and help us collect data for future infrastructure planning. 

What a new meter does.

Water meters measure all water used at home—indoors and outdoors. Thornton Water currently uses an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) drive-by system, which sends a radio signal to the meter’s Electronic Radio Transmitter (ERT), to collect data that measures monthly water usage. The new meters will be compatible with new water reading technology, called Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), which can track water usage data hourly instead of monthly. This means the city—and water customers—will be able to detect water leaks and other high-water issues much sooner than in the past, potentially mitigating serious damage.

What to expect if you’re getting a meter upgrade.

If a household needs a meter replacement, it will be installed by city staff and a door hanger will be placed on the door. The replacement takes about an hour and water service may be interrupted during this time, but the resident does not need to be home. Trained technicians will come out and access your underground water meter via the meter pit that is already there. (It’s usually in the front yard near the sidewalk. No digging is required.)

What else customers can do.

Customers don’t have to do anything! The technician will leave a notice on the door once the upgrade is complete. To stay informed about water use be sure to sign up for WaterSmart at ThorntonWater.com/WaterSmart. 

By upgrading residential water meters throughout the city, we’re not only bringing new technology right to residents, we’re helping save water for years to come, which is great for all of us. Improving our infrastructure over time prepares us for whatever the future has in store.

For questions or to learn more, contact us at 720-977-6300 or visit gocot.net/meters.

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