Transform your yard, water bill, and wallet with our Landscape Rebate.

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It’s hard to believe, but NOW is the time to start thinking about how your yard can earn you a rebate next year.

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In addition to receiving up to $1 per square foot for low-water grass seed/sod areas and up to $2 per square foot for perennial gardens and other projects, there are many different reasons to convert your landscape:

  • Decreased water waste
  • Added visual interest and curb appeal
  • Increased property value
  • Big savings on future water bills
  • Decreased lawn maintenance
  • Creates habitat for pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds
  • Offers a stopover for migrating birds
  • A gorgeous, water-efficient landscape that will make your neighbors green with envy

Dispelling the myths of water-wise landscaping

Many Thornton water customers have transitioned their turf-heavy yards into landscapes with color, texture, height, and fragrance with much lower water consumption. Water-wise landscapes are not only rock gardens. Although Colorado has a desert climate, we can still decorate outdoor spaces with beautiful plants, trees, and shrubs that can be lush, colorful, and easy to maintain.

You may have heard the term xeriscaping (sounds like “zeh·ri·skayp,” not pronounced “zero”scape). Did you know that Denver Water coined the word xeriscape in 1981 to help make water-efficient landscaping an easily recognized concept? Xeriscape combines the word “landscape” and the Greek word “xeros,” which means dry. Another term often used is drought-tolerant. The challenge with these labels is that many people have a misperception that they only include rocks and cacti, not the type of landscape Thornton is promoting with the water-wise landscape rebate.

Plan Your Project Now

Before you dig, be sure that you qualify. There is a checklist to follow, including sending “before” photos of the area where you are interested in receiving a rebate for transitioning. You’ll need to submit a Design Plan following these instructions.

Remember, the Landscape Rebate only qualifies for projects that include low-water grasses and/or water-wise perennial gardens with no more than 30% bare mulch coverage.

Here are examples of areas that DO NOT qualify:

Here are examples of projects that DO QUALIFY:

Learn more
If you need inspiration or more information, we’ve developed all the detailed instructions, tips, and encouragement you need in our H2Overhaul Kit. Sample designs are available to help spark ideas and resources to help access low-water plants, and Thornton staff are always willing to help answer questions.

Use these web resources to help get your project started!

Designs, Photos and Videos
WaterWise Yard Seminars
Discounted Lawn Removal Program
Resource Central’s popular Garden in a Box

Did you know?
HOAs cannot prohibit you from planting drought-tolerant plants? Colorado HB 19-1050 states that HOAs shall not prohibit using xeriscape or drought-tolerant vegetative landscapes. HOAs can, however, adopt and enforce design and aesthetic guidelines or rules that regulate the type, number, and placement of drought-tolerant plantings and hardscapes.

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