Gardening is Good

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Gardening is great for both your body and mind. Gardening is a low-impact physical activity and gets you out into nature. Gardening can promote feelings of satisfaction and community. It has even been shown to ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The advantages of gardening do not stop there.

Beautifying your property with a Water-Wise garden may help raise your property’s value. Here are some things to consider when starting a garden.

Location – Pick the best location for your home or community garden. Check these factors when considering the location.

Soil – Your soil can make or break the way your plants grow. Make sure to remove any weeds or grasses. Digging or tilling the soil is essential to preparing new beds for planting because it allows roots to penetrate the soil more easily to access water and nutrients. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer of organic matter to your soil. This will help your plants grow.

Sunlight – Make sure the area you are picking has enough sunlight for your plants to grow. If you are doing a shade garden, make sure the plants are not in the sun for more than 4 hours a day.

Drainage and Water Supply – Make sure the area is on a drip system or has the capabilities of getting the right amount of water. You will also want to make sure you have drainage if there is a large amount of rainfall.

Pick the type of plants you would like to grow in your garden. Do your research on which plants will grow the best in Colorado and how long it will take the plants to mature. Plant Select is a great resource

The best time to plant is after the last frost. A rule of thumb is to plant after Mother’s Day, which normally keeps plants safe from a late spring freeze.

To help keep weeds out and moisture in, cover the soil with a couple of inches of mulch. You will not have to water as often and by preventing sunlight from hitting the soil, you will prevent weed seeds from growing.

Creating a garden is not something you can plant and forget, so maintenance is important. The more proactive you can be with tending to your garden, the better the outcome. Make sure to keep up on watering, weeding, and pest control.
Taking the time to enjoy your creation.

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