A Second Season for Planting

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Jean-Yves Timelapse

Although our window for daylight is getting shorter and our nights have cooled down, it’s the perfect time to put your water-wise plants in the ground to welcome blooms next Spring.

Even with our recent blast of snow, the soil is still warm, allowing roots to become well established before winter. The cooler air temperatures can also help against transplant shock and allow more moisture to be contained in the soil around new roots. Warm soil, reduced stress, less weed competition, and more precipitation makes this the second season for optimum planting.

Consider converting a section of your yard that struggled this summer with the water-wise perennials, ornamental trees and grasses, flowering shrubs, and evergreen to also add color, texture, and movement to your landscape throughout the winter.

Keep in mind the following tips for your Fall H2Overhaul. A general rule is to plant up to 4-6 weeks before the ground freezes. Water all plants thoroughly after planting, and to continue watering them as needed each month depending on precipitation. Add mulch to insulate your plants. It creates the ideal environment for vigorous root growth, and protects from the challenges of winter. And don’t forget to download your H2Ovheraul Kit for additional tips and tricks.

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